A fly on the wall in the Oval Office​ gets an awful earful of the president
     “I don’t care what people say about the popular vote in last year’s election,” President Trump was saying to his daughter, Ivanka. “My presidency represents the triumph of democracy, the epitome of the ideal of the president granted power through the consent of the governed.”
     “But Daddy, many of our opponents are saying just the opposite: that you being president is turning the clock back on democratic progress. In fact, some say the only clock moving forward right now is the Doomsday one.”
     “That’s because we’re demonstrating our strength and might again. They are beautiful words because we’ve been showing weakness ever since Georgie and Dickie had the guts to invade Iraq. Like I told Kim Jung-un, his hands might be larger, but my nuclear button’s bigger than his. But I don’t like it that he had bigger parades. We are going to change that.”

We must fight to save free speech of net neutrality

     Now that the Federal Communications Commission has repealed the      so-called “net neutrality” rules, we could find out in a painful way just what happen to our Internet without those regulations.

Tax-reform bill will take most of us to the cleaners

     After the Senate passed its tax bill early Saturday, I was reminded of a political cartoon from the Trickle Down times during the Reagan presidency, though most people are a bit smarter nowadays.
     The image showed a jubilant gathering at the White House that included President Reagan, Vice President Bush and leading Republican lawmakers drinking champagne. They were laughing so hard they could barely contain themselves as the president said: “We told them it would trickle down and they believed us.”

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War resister's message of peace lives on a century later

     Ninety-seven years ago, a young Cherry Valley man was freed from a military prison at Fort Douglas, Utah. When Howard W. Moore was driven to Salt Lake City on that day before Thanksgiving in 1920, the nation's prisons were finally emptied of the conscientious objectors who had refused to take part in The Great War.

     Anything but a radical and nowhere near the political fringe, Moore worked for New York Telephone Co. when the national tide toward the European war changed after the 1916 presidential election. President Woodrow Wilson's neutrality stance suddenly became hawkish and plans for a draft were announced so we could fight “the war to end all wars.”

     When conscription was instituted, Moore registered but protested that his opposition to war was just as valid as any based on religion and that he should be granted objector status. The draft board disagreed and he was called up. In April 1918, he reported for service, but that was about the last military order he obeyed.

Can somebody tell me why these war criminals are not rotting in prison?

     It is easy to forget the diabolical actions of the Bush-Cheney years after nine months of witnessing the behavior of President Trump. This fact was made all-too-clear last week when many observers were praising George W. Bush for a speech in which he was highly critical of the political culture of the current president.
     The former president spoke at a conference in New York hosted by his foundation, the George W. Bush Institute, which he set up to promote democracy. In his 15-minute talk, he did not mention Trump’s name but was obviously referring to him in his critique of the national trend toward more “cruelty and bigotry.”
     Bush said, “bigotry seems emboldened” and “our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication.”  
   But despite all the lies that have come out of Trump and his administration, not one has been as catastrophic as the Bush-Cheney falsehood that led to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  

By George, isn't it time there was      a holiday to honor women's rights?

    The fans of George Washington and Abe Lincoln may feel slighted because their birth dates have been combined into one Presidents Day holiday. But what about women, who have yet to have a special day that calls attention to their struggles for equal rights?
     A majority of our population is being ignored each year when we honor our great citizens with holidays -- because those days recognize men. We don't have one holiday that pays tribute to a woman, except of course Mothers Day, but Fathers Day complements that. Take a look at the holidays and think about it.
     New Year's Days are neutral. Martin Luther King was a male civil rights leader. Abe Lincoln and George Washington were presidents (and we know they all have been men). St. Valentine was a man.